Friday, August 31

Day 244: Celebrating

Despite the ninety nine percent chance for rain all day, I am celebrating. Despite today being the last Friday of my get-out-of-work-early days, I am celebrating. I am celebrating because even though it is dark and dreary and rainy outside, it feels nice and cozy inside. It is finally dark enough in the evening to light candles and turn a few lamps on low for a romantic, warm ambience. I am celebrating too because I got to leave work early today and get a few errands done and still managed to get home earlier than I normally would have. And along the way while searching for my elusive orange scarf, I found a cute pair of black jeans and a fun orange spaghetti-strapped top to use for layering in the fall and winter. By the way, I wore orange again today so now I am five for five this week.

Best of all however was my husband coming home today from his overnight work retreat. Yes, I know, get over it, it was only one night but Pina and I missed him anyway and it is nice to have the whole family home together again. Plus it's Friday and the start of the weekend and believe it or not tomorrow is the first day of September. Officially we have twenty two days of summer left before fall hits us with a bang on September twenty second but it is certainly starting to feel like autumn in the air around here and it makes my heart expand a little bit just thinking about pulling out my boots and sweaters again. My favorite time of year.

All of these things are wonderful cause for celebration. So how are we celebrating? Soft tacos and a movie of course. How will you celebrate the start of your weekend?

This is how Marimekko celebrates fall... look at all that ORANGE! I was in heaven! 
I just love the blue bag with the purple and orange flowers! So fun!

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