Thursday, August 9

Day 222: Bunting, Yellow Knee Socks and a Guest Blogger

Today I happened upon several things that made me feel happy and want to smile out loud. A local book store in our neighborhood put up homemade bunting across the front of their store. The flags themselves are not particularly fancy but they add a certain brightness that lifts your spirits as you walk by. And they made me smile and stop to take a photo.

Then at lunch time I was lucky enough to witness a man dressed in "true style." He was in long shorts, a short-sleeved button down shirt with a brown vest and then bright, canary yellow knee socks. He also had a hat sitting atop his rather long and curly gray hair. As he sauntered past me I noticed he was pulling at his Santa beard. There is a homeless center nearby but I am not sure if he was homeless or just a bit eccentric and fun. He didn't seem to be homeless and he sure seemed to "own" his style. I only wish I had been able to get his photo.

But one of the biggest things that made me smile today was receiving a message from one of my most recent dear friends with the following guest post written especially for all of you, describing one of the things that makes her happy.

Please help me welcome guest blogger, Katie Dodd...

The Joy of Raspberries

Raspberries are, by far, my favorite fruit. I love their shape, color, consistency – and of course, the taste. The explosion of raspberry juice in my mouth is a taste like none other – what bliss!

Before moving to Sweden almost 2 years ago, I thought that my appreciation of raspberries was complete – and then, I tasted Sweden’s wild raspberries and realized I was wrong. In the US, my experience of raspberries was limited to what I found in plastic boxes on the shelves of the grocery
store. In Sweden, however, wild raspberries grow in gorgeous abundance, at least in Småland, the area of Sweden we visit each summer.

Raspberries cover low, scraggly bushes right in the backyard. How wonderful it is to pick raspberries for dessert straight from the garden. They are tiny compared to the ones in the US, and picking them is a bit more time consuming than picking up a box at the store – but it is well worth the effort! These tiny pods of joy are the perfect complement to ice cream, cereal, yogurt, or just on their own, straight off the bush if you like.

My only word of advice while picking – beware of the tiny worms that can be found inside wild raspberries. Although as my Dad might say, "extra protein!"

Looks delicious Katie!

Reading your post made me want to run right out with a bucket and go searching for wild raspberries - Yum!

More from Katie can be found at her blog, Delicious Ambiguity.

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