Friday, August 17

Day 230: Angel of Luck

Today I found myself wishing that this positivity blog was more of a rant blog instead. I have so many things I would like to yell and scream about, it would be completely easy to find something to discuss. But it's not. So... moving on! I honestly really do love Fridays. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, what kind of weather it is, Friday always means freedom and fun. Fridays in the months of May though August are especially great because my freedom and fun gets to start two and a half hours earlier than normal. I get to leave jail, er... work at two p.m.

I feel like I must have been followed by an angel of luck today. I left work noticing that the sky was dark and getting darker, even though there was no rain in the forecast, and I was on my bike. I didn't have a rain jacket either but I refused to go directly home. I had things to do. I first rode over to La Neta, our favorite taqueria in Stockholm. And apparently the only taqueria in Stockholm aside from the new taco truck that we discovered exists here now. Don't tell anyone but we are going to get taco truck tacos tomorrow night. Yum! But anyway, I stopped by La Neta to pick up some corn tortillas. They make and sell their own homemade authentic one hundred percent corn tortillas. 

It crossed my mind that the guy at the register might say that they were fresh out, like he did last time we were there, but so far no rain so I was feeling lucky. I walked right up to the counter and said that I wanted a kilo of corn tortillas. I decided not to ask if they had any, as that would have shown weakness. I merely asked for them like I owned it and the guy at the counter walked away to go get them. I paid and ran out before he changed his mind.

Shortly afterward I found myself walking around one of my favorite clothing stores in Sweden, Gudrun Sjöden. There was an extra twenty percent off of all sale prices, so you know I headed straight for the sales racks because I love a good deal. As I walked out with my purchases I noticed that the black sky was starting to sweat. You could feel the heaviness in the air. Okay. I decided in that moment that I didn't care if I got wet on the way home. I got on my bike and headed for the hill. Literally. No matter which way I go to get home there is a hill to climb. It's okay, it's  good for the round muscles at the top of the back side of my legs. 

Well, my angel of luck must have been with me on my ride home as well. As I got to my street and I was about a block from my apartment I felt one fat rain drop on my nose. Oooooh, almost there... Just before I rolled into the garage I felt two more drops. Whew, made it in the nick of time. I parked and locked my bike and took the elevator up to my apartment. When I got off at my floor I heard a strange noise. It sounded like someone was pouring a huge back of ice into a barrel. Weird. I opened the door to my apartment and the noise was amplified. I looked outside and it was pouring cats and dogs. Thanks to my angel of luck, as I stood there watching the downpour I was dry as a bone.

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