Monday, August 6

Day 219: In the Name of Women

"Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you will choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women." - Nora Ephron

For those of you not familiar with her, Nora Ephron is the brilliant mind behind the films When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and, her most recent favorite of mine, Julie and Julia. These are just a few of her many works, which also include several book titles. For our September book club I am really excited that we are reading her book, "I Feel Bad About my Neck," which is about the trials and tribulations of being a woman and the pains of growing into womanhood. One thing she mentions in this book is that the neck starts to go around age forty-three. Such a pity too since that is my current age. I guess I can kiss my neck goodbye now and welcome living in a colder region where I get to wear scarves and turtlenecks most of the year.

But back to the true topic for today, I wanted to share the above quote with you because a) I think it is fabulous and b) I think it still applies and will continue to apply throughout time. How great it is to be a woman and yet NOT be a lady. She hopes that us fellow women break rules and cause some trouble out in the world, and especially in the name of women. I am all for that. In fact, it is quite possible that I have participated in this already without even knowing it was something Nora Ephron supported. I am sure I didn't even know who she was at the time. But here we are now and I am a willing and able participant.

Along the same line of thinking as Ms. Ephron's quote above I'd also like to mention something I witnessed today that made me chuckle and smile. I had just begun my bike ride home from work and was trying to ride quickly to beat the rain, which didn't actually happen. I arrived home drenched and yet still happy that I rode my bike today and ignored the weather forecast. But anyway, there I was riding along when I noticed two guys jogging down by the water out of the corner of my eye. Right about the same time, a woman was riding her bike in my direction and passed me on the road right as she full out whistled at those two shirtless jogging guys. 

I turned to look but didn't see any acknowledgment between her and the joggers. I suppose it is possible that she new them and I missed their wave but I prefer to think that it was merely reverse sexual harassment. I remember plenty of times when I have been the subject, or victim, of this wolf-whistling, which I despise, and to see the tables turned... well, I think my liver was even smiling.

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