Saturday, August 25

Day 238: Be Mad Crazy Stupid Happy

Voltaire said, "The most courageous decision you can make each day is the decision to be in a good mood." I'd like to add that you should choose to be mad, crazy, stupid happy... just because you can. I mean, why not? I allow so many things in my life to affect me and sometimes my moods are even dictated by these things that happen throughout the day. It is cliche to say it but waking up on the wrong side of the bed can affect my mood for the entire day. But what if I just decided each day to be in a good mood regardless of what happens that day? Regardless of whether or not I wake up with a headache or acquire one during the day, regardless of whether or not I get to sit down as I ride the subway to work or just miss the bus as I am running to the bus stop, or regardless of whether or not the sun is shining.

I am going to try an experiment for the next week and just choose to be in a good mood each day, regardless of what happens. If I catch myself starting to feel grumpy I will just remind myself to take courage as Voltaire said and decide to be in a good mood instead. It seems that being in a good mood or choosing to be in a good mood must take a load off ones shoulders. I am always much more energetic when I am in a good mood. But sometimes being in a good mood doesn't feel like a choice. Sometimes it feels like being grumpy would be easier yet we all know that being grumpy requires much more energy and it sucks energy out of other people as well. Being in a good mood however is infectious and can affect more than just one person. I know when I am around someone who is infectiously happy or in a good mood it always affects me. I hope all of you will try this experiment with me. Just do it! Choose to be in a good mood regardless of what is happening in your day and choose to be mad crazy stupid happy.

Pina's new food bowl that I found today. This slick cat knows what it means to be mad crazy stupid happy. Just look at that smile! :-)


  1. Awesome! :-D Let me know how it goes ;-)

  2. Ok...I will tomorrow!! And, I am trying to run to get some positive chemicals in my system :)lol

    1. :-D I was hoping to start running but not sure I am brave enough to run here in the COLD winter. :-P Maybe when I join a gym... Good luck with your run!