Wednesday, August 15

Day 228: Something to Buffer

With only one hundred thirty-seven days left, today is the first day that I've felt like quitting. Quitting this project, that is. For no other reason than it is hard work to write a daily blog and work full time. It's hard work to write a daily blog while I am on vacation as well but somehow slightly easier. Three days and two late nights into the week after a lovely long weekend away and I woke up with a headache and my period today. So as you all know what that means, I didn't get that bicycle I wanted for Christmas. Again. I was also very tired and wishing I was somewhere, anywhere, other than my j.o.b.

I came home from work not at all inspired to come up with anything for dinner and I was preparing to throw a mini pity party for myself when my husband came home and suggested that we ride our bikes out somewhere for dinner, adding that we needed something to buffer our lovely vacation and being back at work. He gets the husband of the year award. Now, after a perfectly pleasant bike ride, sharing a fantastic pizza and then finishing off with an ice cream cone from our favorite place next door (18 Smaker), and on quite possibly the warmest evening we've had all summer, I can say that I am back to my normal, happy self.

Sometimes finding happy includes a little nudge from others. I am thankful today for my husband's gentle nudge as well as the not-so-gentle nudge from my cat, who came to kneed dough on my tummy while I was lying on my bed reading earlier. So take that, one hundred and thirty-seven days left. There are no quitters at this house!


  1. Phew. Glad to hear you'll keep this little lovely space updated! xx Simone

  2. Thanks Simone :-) Your message cheered me up even more!