Friday, August 24

Day 237: C is for Carl

Sometimes you find the perfect little "sumthin sumthin" when you are not even looking for it. I was out gathering together the components for my Day 235 Surprise Giveaway and I came across the cutest little photo frame. It was one of those items that you don't even hesitate to grab. It's like an instinct that comes from deep within. Your arm reaches out without your mind even realizing it and your fingers gently wrap around it while at the same time you are bumping three people out of your way and nearly knocking over the display in front of you before anyone else realizes its value and snatches it up before you. You just see it and that voice inside you takes over and says, "that's mine." Okay, so it wasn't actually that dramatic but the feeling was definitely there. I merely told the sales clerk that I would like that cute little frame with the C on it that was hanging on the wall behind her. Because C is for Carl. And Carl is my husband.

I love things that look old but are funky and fun. This little C is for Carl frame is the perfect combination of texture, color and style and I literally had to have it. It's little things like this, like I've mentioned so many times before, that put a smile on my face and brighten my day. Little things like seeing a father carrying all three kids like a circus acrobat... little things like hearing that a friend's three year old son asked her if her unborn baby was wearing shoes inside her belly... little things like watching my cat sleep upside-down with her back arched sideways and all four legs and paws stretched out like she is a circus acrobat... little things like this C is for Carl frame...

Pina wants to be a part of it too... she says, "Where's the P is for Pina frame?"

.... And now.... what you've been waiting for... 

.... the Surprise Giveaway winner is....  

Out of just two participants... 

 ... Congratulations Greta!!! 

I will be in contact to send your special gift!!!! 

Happy Friday Everyone and thanks for participating!!!

Next Giveaway will be in September when I've reached 3/4 of the way to my year's goal. :-D


  1. Oh, darn it...I've caught up on your blog too late, once again!
    I love the picture frame, and the picture with Pina's eye and the frame is just adorable! Enjoy the weekend, Grace Ann!! :)

    1. Bummer! Well, there will be another drawing soon! :-D And maybe I'll sneak another surprise one in too. ;-) Thank you for your comment! I loved the frame too and thought the photo I captured was too funny... She is always in the middle of what I am doing... Have a great weekend yourself!