Thursday, July 26

Day 208: Livsnjutare

I learned yet another new Swedish word today. I love learning new words. Especially when the new word is more of an expression than just a word. It makes it much easier to remember for one thing and for another thing, it makes me feel like I am becoming part of the "club." Earlier this afternoon my husband walked into the bedroom of our summer cottage, saw the kitty cozied up in the bed like she owned it and said, "You aren't a livsnjutare at all, are you?" "What does that mean?" I asked. He said that it means "someone who enjoys life." I can honestly say that we have all been enjoying life this week at Tjörn. It is definitely a magical place, full of a certain, special energy that just causes you to spontaneously relax when you are here. Especially kitty.

She seems to have discovered a new definition of relaxation out here in the country. And for a cat that's pretty good since cats are basically professionals at relaxation. Normally she is an indoor kitty but being out here in the country we figured it would be good for her to get a taste of the wild outdoor air. So we started preparing her for our week at Tjörn months ago and bought her a harness and leash so that we could begin taking her out on the balcony at home. It isn't quite the same thing however. Back in Stockholm we had to nearly force her to let us put the harness on and then she would sit two feet away from the doorway to the balcony, barely seeming interested in going out. Understandably as, after all, there is no grass to walk in or eat, no trees to stalk birds in or rustling leaves to excite the senses.

At Tjörn however, and after a couple of days of precariously stepping over the threshold of the doorway to the outside, walking around on korta ben, or short legs, sniffing and sampling nearly everything she passed, I now merely have to hold up the harness and said, "Go outside?" and she comes running and meowing and sits patiently while I put it on. We then head out for exciting, but semi-stressful, promenades through the grass and up the rocky hillside. After these walks we have found her sleeping in various positions that appear as though she is melting into the floor, bed, sofa or wherever she happens to decide is a good place for a nap. She is completely tuckered out, our little livsnjutare. We love that kitty cat.

Yes, her belly is as soft and cuddly as it looks... notice her curled back paw and tail. Livsnjutare.


  1. Thanks for pointing out that it is indeed a very nice word. I think that is the really special part about learning a new word that you stop and think about it. I don't think we have anything like it in english and I can only think of a direct translation. I am going to try to use this word today and hope it sticks in my voacabulary! thanks for sharing! Stacy

    1. Thanks Stacy! I find many words, or expressions, in Swedish to be pretty great. There is an English translation but it just sounds cool to say it in Swedish. It sort of rolls off the tongue. I guess the "other" language is always more romantic. :)