Sunday, July 15

Day 197: Rain Barter System

Well, it wasn't what I would call a lovely summer day today but it wasn't terrible either. The weather forecast was for rain the entire weekend and yet we managed a bike ride yesterday, even with a little sunshine, and a nice long walk today with our friends before it started raining. We even saw the sun peek out a few times today. And though it was bit more chilly than I would have liked, the cool afternoon breeze was actually perfect for a long walk. 

Some people really love when it rains. They like to cozy up into their bed, the couch or an armchair to read or watch tv. I am not one of those people. There are occasional days when I enjoy lying around reading a book, and it is definitely easier to do this on rainy days, but I would still prefer it be a sunny day outside. At least then I have the option to go out and enjoy the sun. Perhaps it is because I grew up in southeast Texas where rain and thunderstorms are a norm, I am not really sure, but I could easily live in a place where it seldom rains. 

However, since I live in a place where it rains fairly often, I will say that it is very nice that the rain lets up on some days, giving me a chance to a) ride my bike to work without getting rained on or b) raining between my stops so that I can go out and about and do my shopping or errands without getting wet. It's like an unspoken rain barter system. And that's how I've become friends with the rain. It works out pretty well and everyone gets to be happy. Now if it could just get warmer so we can go swimming a few more times before "summer" is officially over.

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