Tuesday, July 24

Day 206: This is MY House

When I was a kid I loved to climb trees. Any time I found a tree that was "climbable" you could find me in it. I loved to claim which section of the tree was MY house and then name which branches were the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Funny enough, there was never a bathroom. I guess we never needed a bathroom back then. What kid does right? Well, anyway this "MY house" game has followed me into "adulthood" to the rocks and cliffs at Tjörn. When I find a cool rock, or area on the cliffs, I say, "This is MY house, but you can come over if you want to."

Back in the day I would offer imaginary tea and cake but these days I sometimes actually have a thermos of coffee and some kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon rolls) or cake to offer. Those are ideal days. There are still many days of imaginary offerings. Yesterday was one of them. We went on a walk that turned into a hike over the rocky cliffs down to the water where my husband used to go with his friends to build rafts each summer. There is a photo somewhere of one of these rafts with him and his friends standing on it, Huckleberry Finn-styled, all of them barefoot and fancy free, without a care in the world. After we found this spot and reminisced a bit we forged on over the next rise and down to the water, where I found MY house.

It was an incredibly windy day but still peaceful and quiet, with only the occasional sound of water crashing against the rocks or a bird calling out. I love "living" out in nature with my house in the open air, even if it is only temporary. The imagination is a lovely thing to take with you when you spend an afternoon out on the craggy rocks of Tjörn.

"This is MY house..." said my husband.