Saturday, July 14

Day 196: A Great Bargain

We rode our bicycles out to an area called Sickla today. It is approximately twenty minutes by bicycle from our apartment, as we found out. My husband wanted to go to this hardware super store and he suggested that, if I wanted to follow along, there was a shopping center in the vicinity that I could go explore. Are you following along here? He was suggesting that I could go shopping. It was a bit shocking that he would suggest this but I was feeling a bit down yesterday and he knows how much I love to shop so I suppose it was his way of cheering me up. And let me tell you, it worked. I rode with him to the hardware store first to make sure it was open and then I was unleashed to go find the shopping center, which took me all of five minutes to find.

I really do love to shop but what I love even more is a good bargain. I spent a good bit of time in a woman's clothing store that had some very nice things, which in Sweden means very expensive. Even with their sale prices it was still somewhat expensive. I found a couple of tops that I liked and a cute cardigan sweater but in the end I decided that I probably didn't need them and so they stayed at the store. For now. The next store I went into, Himla, sells one of my favorite Swedish brands for interior home textiles. They too were having a huge sale and I ended up finding a great bargain on a linen table runner and matching napkins, in charcoal grey and natural linen stripes. Lovely, don't you think?

Finding a great bargain makes me very happy but what also makes me happy is having pretty things around my home. This runner and napkins will bring me happiness every time I use them for years to come. Speaking of things that make one happy, my Happy Package winner, Michael, received his package a few days ago and shared his and his family's reaction and a few photos. See below...

From Michael:

"Happy Package arrived! Thank you so much Grace Ann for the wonderful package of gifts and beautifully wrapped too! If anyone should need another reason to be happy, here it is. Being happy is absolutely contagious! This morning the kids were a bit sad...not normal as they are happy most all of the time. A couple of weeks ago we left my parents up north after vacation. Soon after, they headed down to our house in Texas to visit over the 4th of July holiday... and they’ve been here since. They left this morning and the kids seemed a bit down. ...Arriving a few hours after visiting family had to leave town, the happy package provided a huge happy boost at a perfect time...thank you so much again!"

Ella with wind-up cat. Isn't she just too adorable for words? This cat was so cool... I really wanted one for myself. It goes super fast after you wind it up and set it down. Some "kids" never grow up, they just get bigger. :-)

Eric with the mini green colander. This cutie pie, according to his dad, loves all types of gadgets and kitchen gadgets not excluded apparently! I thought this colander was so fun! I actually have an orange one that I bought a couple of years ago and I love it. It's great for washing summer berries or any berries for that matter.

Ah... the package with presents and Swedish candy! 

Thanks again Michael for participating in the Random Giveaway in honor of my reaching the half-year mark in my blogging goal! I am so glad that your whole family benefited from the Happy Package! It makes me happy as well to know that. 

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