Tuesday, July 31

Day 213: Happy On My Bike

I love riding my bike fast through the streets of Stockholm. Feeling the wind blowing against my face and being able to get from point A to point B so quickly is one of my happiest feelings. At lunch today I took my bike and rode into the city center to pick up something yummy to eat. There are many restaurants by my office but I needed to see and taste something new. I was amazed to see how many people were out and about. A large portion of them are probably here on vacation, playing tourist and seeing the sights, and many are just locals who happen to be on stay-cation, or stay-at-home vacation, but the number of people out was still surprising.

My stomach was set on a tuna sandwich at my favorite Italian cafe but by the time I reached Hötorget I was super hungry and my stomach decided to stop there instead. I ended up trying something new at a place called Hav, which means sea or ocean in Swedish. Guess what they were selling... Give up? Okay... it was seafood. I found a salad made with salt water crawfish, salad greens, cooked barley, black beans, cucumber and a slice of Västerbotten cheese. I thought the cheese slice was a bit odd but funny enough it was really delicious with the small rolls that came with it. And it was a nice accent to the crawfish so apparently the chef knew what she was doing.

So, back on my bike I rode like a fiend back to the office, swishing around corners and enjoying the sun shining down on my face. Off in the not so far distance was a big, black, rain cloud but I made it back without a single drop falling. Thirty minutes later, it started raining like it meant business. When I went to the window to take a look the rain was coming down in sheets and I could see that it was also hailing with some pieces as big as marbles. Yikes. That would definitely not have been pleasant while on my bike. And how lucky that by the time I was on my way home after work the sun was back out and shining.

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