Thursday, July 5

Day 187: Two, Small, Yellow, Squishy Things

I slept like a baby last night. Didn't even wake up until the alarm went off and I barely even remember sleeping through the night, much less dreaming. Though I awoke with a vague sense of something to do with vacations and lost plane tickets. Strange but blissful. It was incredibly wonderful to sleep so soundly, and even though I had to get up with the chickens this morning, I felt rested and ready to face the day.

What was the key to my good night's sleep? It's simple really: two, soft, yellow, conical-shaped, foam things called earplugs. They are a lifesaver, or in this case, a sleep-saver. If you've never tried them I highly recommend that you do so. They are particularly wonderful if you will be sleeping in an unfamiliar place, if there are unusual noises in your normal surroundings, or if you have a cat that tosses a paper ball around your bedroom any time between two and four a.m.

But with earplugs, I completely slept through the swishing of paper balls and pitter patter of little, cat feet, as well as the rather loud humming of our fan, that we recently dragged out of the closet. Having the fan out makes sleeping more pleasant with the warmer summer nights and adding earplugs to the mix was heavenly. I think I will try using them again tonight. It's the small things, and in this case, two small, yellow, squishy things, that make a difference.

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