Wednesday, July 11

Day 193: List of Goodness

Today's list of goodness

1. Pumpkin bread 
2. My horoscope
3. Writing a message in a bottle
4. 44 things
5. Fresh cherries

The pumpkin bread was an unexpected gift from one of my book club friends. She announced a couple of days ago that she was making pumpkin bread and invited anyone who wanted to over to join her for a piece. It was Monday. I was exhausted. But it was pumpkin bread. Just reading her message made me start to salivate. Pathetic, right? Well, I did not manage to get to her house but the thought of pumpkin bread had lodged itself in the back of my mind. I casually suggested that maybe she could bring some to book club (which was last night), if there was any leftover. To my sweet surprise, she brought an entire loaf. And an extra long loaf at that. At the end of the evening when we were all gathering our things at the door to leave she asked if anyone wanted the rest of the pumpkin bread. "Yes!" Another friend and I said it in unison. She and I ended up splitting the remainder and then I split that piece this morning with my husband. The things we do for love.

So then there was my horoscope. I came across it completely by accident. Honestly. I admit that I used to go out of my way to read my horoscope, and I've even read astrology books and had my chart done, but lately I tend to just ignore the horoscope, in my cynicism. Then I came across this:

"These last few months, you've been pretty good at attending to the details of your big dreams. You've taken the practical approach and done the hard work. But beginning any moment, it will be time for you to refresh your big dreams in an infusion of fantasies and brainstorms. You need to return to the source of your excitement and feed it and feed it and feed it."

Does eating pumpkin bread count as feeding my excitement? I hope so, but seriously it was sort of funny to come across this because I was just thinking today that I am feeling a bit burned out. Time to refresh my inspiration!

Regarding number 3 on my list of goodness, I read about this woman who wrote a message to herself and put it in a bottle, to be opened and read again in five years. I thought it was a neat idea and it reminded of a time capsule I saw once on a house tour in Dallas, Texas. The homeowners had renovated the patio on the right front side of their house. On the patio there was an area on the wall where a brick had been removed. They had placed a few pieces of memorabilia and a note inside the hole, and then sealed it up with a piece of glass on the front so you could see inside. Both the message in the bottle idea and this time capsule had me thinking about an idea I had years ago, to write a letter to my present day self from my projected, future self when I am fifty or sixty years old. You know, advice on how I would do things now "if I knew now what I will know then" kind of thing. I think I'm going to start working on it.

Then, of course, was my idea to come up with 44 things to be grateful for before my 44th birthday. As sort of a celebration of my life. I am going to work on that list as well. It's good that I like lists.

And fresh cherries... well, they need no further description or explanation. I ate them. They were delicious. The end.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. One year at Christmas my whole extended family put notes in the freezer what they would be doing in 5 and 10 years. 5 years later at Christmas we read them all, it was so fun!

    1. The comment above is from me...

    2. Greta - That is so cool that your family did this together and shared the notes 5 years later. What a great idea for a new family tradition! Thank you for sharing it with me! I may have to start something like that...