Thursday, July 12

Day 194: A New Colleague at the Office

"A borrowed squishable is better than none" 
- Gaekstrom

Today was "Take Your Squishy to Work Day 2012." I do not have a squishy myself but one of my book club friends does and she asked a while back if someone would take her squishy to work on this day. So, of course, I volunteered. The fantastic thing is that my friend is actually related to the couple who began the business of making these wonderful creatures. And they really are quite wonderful. My friend was not able to take her own squishy to work today because she just so happens to be semi-retired. So her lovely squishy, Maizie, got to go to work with me.

Maizie was delivered to our doorstep last night and we were very happy to welcome her into our home. Pina, our kitty cat, was especially intrigued and curious about her. She even gave Maizie a "cat scan" to make sure she was okay. She and Pina must have stayed up partying all night because it was very difficult trying to get her up for work this morning. Okay, not really. Maizie practically jumped into the bag, that you see on my bicycle in the photo below, and was ready to go to work before I was.

We had a nice, easy ride to the office and by the time we arrived she was ready to start working immediately. Our sixteen year old intern thought she was quite adorable but my boss reacted the most surprising. We decided to put Maize in his chair and wait to see his reaction. He was pretty surprised. I am not sure I have ever seen him smile so big. It was awesome.

After a few hours at the computer, Maizie decided she wanted to have a fika (Swedish coffee break) downstairs on the sofa and she stayed there for the rest of the day. It was a pretty slow day and she was tired after all that excitement so the boss approved her sitting out the rest of the day.

All in all it was a successful day at work with Maizie. She seemed to brighten everyone's day a little bit and the photos I took of her will be sent to the company that makes them, as they will be making a donation to the charity, Dress for Success, for every photo they receive. Pretty great I think.

By the way, my husband thinks I'm crazy. But you don't think I'm crazy, right?

Morning bicycle commute. Weather report said rain so Maizie is in a special bag to protect her from possible rain.  

At the office and ready to start!

Having a conversation about LED versus metal hallide lamps.

Working in Stockholm is so much fun!

If you are interested in knowing more about these squishy creatures, click the word "Squishables" below to be taken to the website:

I personally like the Squishable Rooster and the Squishable Android. What's your favorite?


  1. So awesome! Must share this link with Zoe and Aaron...

  2. Oh, and my favorite is the koala...but don't tell Maizie :-)

  3. Thank you! I just sent my photos in! The Koala is pretty cute too. Maize is also very cute. She may be my third favorite. :-)

  4. So cute!!! I like the Kiwi!! They are all so darn cute!!

    1. I know!!! Aren't they? Too bad the international shipping is so expensive. More than the cost of one squishy!