Monday, July 23

Day 205: On a [Cake] Pedestal

You never know what kind of weather you are going to get in Sweden and it doesn't matter how many times you alternate which week in July or August you choose to be at the summer house, there is no guarantee that the sun will be shining or that it will be warm. Sometimes you get lucky and the weather is heavenly and other times it is similar to a quote that has been attributed to Mark Twain: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." I am not sure he actually said this but the quote itself holds some truth. I once lived in Berkeley, California across the bay from San Francisco and I remember one summer going to San Francisco to meet a friend for a movie. She told me to bring a coat. So I brought a light jacket. Well, she actually meant a "coat" and I nearly froze to death. So here at Tjörn, which is often like "summer in San Francisco," I always plan for something warm to wear as well as other activities to do and plenty of books to read on days when it isn't swimming and picnic weather.

Art galleries, art exhibits and museum visits are often part of our summer time at Tjörn. Södra Hamnen 31Galleri is one of the lovely art galleries in the town of Skärhamn that we like to visit when we are here. The gallery features the works of local artisans and artists and much of their work is both functional and beautiful. It is one of those galleries where I sometimes find many things I'd like to purchase and other times I don't see anything that catches my eye. On our most recent visit I discovered this adorable, mini cake pedestal and couldn't bear to leave (or live) without it. It is the perfect size for an individual birthday cake, or other small celebration treat for one or two people. Maybe I'll have to break it in this week with a small treat for the two of us.

Side view with a lovely vase of summer house flowers in the back ground.

Top view with a digestive biscuit. It is sort of a cross between a graham cracker and a butter cookie.


  1. The flowers and cake pedestal are lovely. Love Mom

    1. I think so too! :-D Can't wait to put a cake or pie on it!