Friday, July 20

Day 202: It's Gonna Be Fun

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A friend of mine posted this quote on Pinterest and I thought I'd borrow it. It is the perfect expression of summer I think, especially when one is near the coast and gets to truly experience the sunshine, sea and "wild air". We leave tomorrow for Tjörn, which is an island off of the west coast of Sweden. One week in Swedish paradise with wild, ocean air, cool, salty breezes, purple, stained tongues from eating fat black currants straight from the bushes and bouquets of freshly picked flowers from the garden. I can't wait to go on our Tjörney (See post from Day 171 for an explanation).

This year we have a third party joining us. Our kitty, Pina, is getting to go on a road trip and one week vacation at the summer house. There has been all kinds of wonder and excitement around the apartment the last couple of days. The suitcases have been brought out and piles of clothing to bring have been placed on the guest bedroom bed. Last night my husband said, as he was passing by the room, "She's in the suitcase!" I walked into the guest bedroom to see and sure enough, there she sat. Only she was not alone. She had brought her toy mouse with her. It was the cutest thing ever. I told my husband and he laughed and said, "She's packed." Indeed, she was packed and ready to go.

I think that she too is excited about a week at the summer house. She won't get to swim in the sea but she will definitely get to play in the sunshine, drink the wild air and explore the outside world, for the first time in her young kitty life. It's gonna be fun!

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