Wednesday, August 8

Day 221: A Bouquet of GIANT Colorful Balloons

Find these lovelies [here] at Brilliant Bash!

Gorgeous. Oversized. Balloons. Or really any balloons. Is there anything happier than a giant bouquet of colorful balloons? Or even better, a bouquet of GIANT colorful balloons? On a dreary rainy day like today even one single giant balloon would be a floating orb of happiness. I have just started to notice these around on the world wide web at places such as Pinterest, party and event planner blogs or just blogs of really cool smart people, like Joanna Goddard of one of my very favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo. 

Balloons have always been associated with happy in my world. I remember as a kid blowing up balloons for all of our birthday parties. We would sit around blowing up what felt like hundreds of balloons and hand tying ribbons onto the knotted ends to string from the ceiling or dangle along a fence. We would do this until our cheeks blew out. I don't really know any other way to describe it but I feel sure that you know what I mean. How did we survive before renting helium tanks became the new norm?

Speaking of helium, just a few years ago before we moved to Stockholm some friends of ours threw us a going away party and they brought helium filled balloons to the party. My husband and I ended up taking them home and we inhaled the helium and had some really funny nonsensical conversations. We laughed and laughed until we cried, laying on the floor, and at least three drops of pee came out. I think we even called our friends to say thank you with our lovely helium induced voices. I was hesitant to do it at first because well, suffice it to say I am a big chicken. Then when I finally jumped on the bandwagon there was not much helium left. Tyvärr, as they say in Sweden, which means unfortunately or too bad.

It may be time to find some giant balloons and a helium tank in Stockholm. I know some birthdays that are just around the corner and you can never be too prepared for a good birthday party. Balloons will definitely be on the party planning list and hopefully I can find some of these giant balloons here. Some with polka dots would be even more fun!

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