Tuesday, August 7

Day 220: A Lifetime Supply

On a scale of 1 - 10 how much do you smile throughout the day? Most days I'd say I smile around a 10 but there are definitely days when my smile resembles more of a scowl. Sometimes when I am grumpy or my husband is grumpy we try to get each other to smile. Our attempts to smile under the grumpy spell usually turn into more of a baring of teeth as opposed to actually smiling. However, this usually makes us laugh, sometimes hysterically, and a real smile transpires. Smiles are wonderful. They can change a mood or even a person's day literally in the blink of an eye.

Any number of things can make me smile each day. Sometimes it is overhearing something a person says when I am out in public. Like the time I was on the subway. I was sitting there minding my own business when a mother and her five or six year-old son came aboard. It was not particularly crowded but they chose to stand anyway, the child with both hands wrapped around a pole for support. Shortly after his mother said to him, "Do not lick the pole." He didn't even have his mouth open but it was one of those moments that I recognized as pure mother's intuition. I knew in that moment that if she had not said that, he would have started licking the pole. I could not stop giggling. I laughed the rest of the way home that day and I still smile when I think of it.

One thing that made me smile today was an item I found written on our grocery list. We have this iPhone app (application) that my husband and I share between our mobile phones called Grocery Gadget. It allows us to create and share grocery lists as well as other lists and we can both add items to it at any time. We can even write in our own custom items if they are not in the app's existing list. Then once we have gone shopping we simply delete the items from the list. While I was shopping today I noticed a special item on the list that I had not seen before. It said, "Your husband loves you." Awe... I smiled from ear to ear. But where was I going to find that? I don't think they carry it at our local grocery store. I looked while I was there but couldn't find it. Luckily I was able to find it at home. Turns out we have a lifetime supply of it.


  1. What makes me smile is that you share grocery lists...:) My hubby sticks with the number of items he can remember, which is quite strategic when he is a gadget guy...but I do ask for the difficult items for that special recipe....so I cant say that I make it easy lol. This weekend I smiled at a castle when I saw a tent of people jitterbugging in a group of American/British celebrating the 40's and WWII....it reminded me of my Mom talking about how much she used to like to dance...dont know if people understood why I could be smiling and crying at the same time:)

    When I was young...one of my mantras was to smile...and how good it felt to share it with others...it is especially fun in Europe....when it the smiley weapon is used left often...and is often refreshing to non-Americans....and can take them by surprise without seeming too calculated...LOL!

    Have a good day! Gotta catch up on your blog!

    1. smiled when I was at a castle... :)

    2. I love it! Castles and jitterbugging dancers are always smile worthy. :-D I also love that you use a smile as a weapon. I have discovered that in Europe as well. :-) Have a happy day and thanks for stopping by to comment!