Sunday, August 12

Day 225: Hidden Treasures

I love when I find hidden treasures in a new city. Before we headed to Copenhagen for our long weekend I did some research to find the top things to do, see and eat while in the "City of Cyclists." It turned out that many of my finds were more than spot on. The indoor market, Torvehallerne, as well as two of the cafes we visited, Kalaset and Granola, were simply fabulous. A few of them left a lot to be desired but I've found that it is always hit or miss when trying new restaurants, or even following travel advice of those who've gone before you, whether it be information from travel blogs, friends or acquaintances.

Kalaset, which we visited for lunch on our first day, warranted a return visit the next morning for brunch. It did not disappoint either visit but today's brunch experience at Granola was by far my favorite during our trip. And Torvehallerne, the indoor market, was frequented so many times by us that I almost feared that the people working there would start to recognize us. Maybe they did but that's okay. It was such a cool market filled with so many different culinary experiences. We will definitely return there, and probably multiple times again, on our next visit.

The bottom line is that there are always hidden treasures to be found when traveling. I prefer to avoid the areas most heavily frequented by other tourists and explore instead the places where the locals hang.  Those off the beaten path places that you have to sniff out like a blood hound. We discovered many of these while in Copenhagen I am happy to report. I have hidden treasure favorites in every city I have lived in or visited. It's another thing I collect I suppose.

A rich and intoxicatingly delicious cappuccino at Granola.

The Sweet Breakfast Plate... a pancake with real maple syrup, drained yogurt with homemade muesli and fruit, cinnamon toast with a side of their homemade "nutella"... and I ate it all.

My husbands hat taking a rest in the lovely iron-grated window sill...

A cappuccino while waiting for Kalaset to open for brunch.

 Cute wooden spoon to identify your order for the food expeditors.

Agnes' Cupcakes at Torvehallerne. Hazelnut on the left and dark chocolate with passionfruit frosting on the right. Guess which one was the best?

One of the many beautiful booth displays in the market.

Danish Smorbrod... the famous open-face sandwich. We had lunch here on our second day. Delicious!

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