Sunday, August 26

Day 239: Miniature Party Bunting

Rainy day activities are welcomed today after a rough morning with one of the worst migraines I've had in a long time. My first thought this morning was that my post yesterday was quite timely because it would have been very easy to let what I felt was a wasted morning put me in a crummy mood. Maybe it would have been more difficult if we hadn't had such a gorgeous day yesterday. But I just shrugged and took a deep breath and thought about what I could do around the house that would be soothing and uplifting.

Turned out it was a project making miniature party bunting. Miniature in that they could easily be attached to wooden skewers and set atop a birthday cake or special dessert. They could also be tied to a couple of empty green soda bottles or wine bottles or really whatever you choose. The sky's the limit. All I know is that they are colorful, festive, joy-inducing and my cat would not leave me alone. Apparently they cheered her up as well. She followed me from room to room as I attempted to string the flags onto the twine. Even after I gave her her own piece of twine to play with. That was not good enough. She wanted my twine. Of course.

It's funny, she could be sound asleep anywhere in the house and as soon as I start a craft project, especially one that involves thread, string or twine, she suddenly appears out of nowhere and wants to sit in the middle of it. But it is hard to complain when she looks so cute so I stopped in between making my banners to play with her, and attempt to distract her from what I was doing. It worked temporarily and then she would be back raring to go.

I guess I would be too. Look how cute they turned out...

These are definitely going on the next birthday cake I make!

Of course, they'd be pretty fancy like this too with a few flowers in each bottle and some tea light candles scattered around the bottom. Nice dinner party decor...

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