Tuesday, August 28

Day 241: Orange Revisited

I just have to revisit the fact that I love orange. I adore it even. It just may be that orange is my favorite color. At least for now. I think if I could I would wear something orange everyday. Wouldn't you? So far I am two for two. I wore an orange cardigan sweater yesterday and today I am wearing an orange button-down shirt. I am not sure if I will wear orange tomorrow as well but the odds are certainly good. It's fun to wear orange and besides a sunny yellow I think orange is the happiest color I know. Don't knock it until you try it.

As I was riding my bike to work this morning it dawned on me that what I really and truly *need* is an orange scarf. There was a woman riding in front of me wearing an orange scarf and I nearly snatched it from her. I rode up next to her and grabbed the end of it and was just about to unwind it from her neck... Well, in my mind anyway. I could picture myself riding my bike on an autumn day with my own orange scarf waving in the wind as I stream past. It would be lovely and fall-ish and since there is definitely the scent of fall in the air I think it is clear what I have to do.

I actually have two orange scarves already but those are for cold and really cold weather and are too warm to wear just now, unfortunately. One is a thick fleece and the other is a gorgeous hand-knit wool scarf made by one of my sisters-in-law. So I need one for now. For just cool-ish weather. But my special orange scarf has to be perfect. It can't be too bright or too dark and the texture needs to be just right. Maybe something in linen would be nice. The only problem with knowing exactly what I want however is actually succeeding in finding something to match my image. I thought I'd look up a photo of an orange scarf on the Internet to add to my post today and came across instead this funny blog with just orange scarves. The very first item on the blog is something called "Kelly's orange scarf dance." It is adorable and I imagine I would have done something similar as a kid.

So wish me look as I venture out in the next few days to look for the perfect orange scarf. If all goes well, I can start September off with an orange bang.

Take a peek here to see: Kelly's orange scarf dance. 

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