Thursday, August 30

Day 243: A Surprise Package

I received a surprise package in the mail today. Okay, technically it wasn't truly a surprise package but it did surprise me. I saw a pair of embroidery scissors on a blog and became obsessed with buying a pair for myself and searched all the way to Australia to find them. The website where I found them is a crafting site, which is really perfect for me since I love crafting myself and grew up with a crafting mother. I emailed the owner because the website showed a photo of the scissors but didn't appear to have any in stock. I also asked if she shipped to Sweden. She replied that she'd just received a shipment  and had not yet updated her website and of course she would ship them to Sweden. Sweet. We even dreamily chatted about the possibility of a house swap at some point in our futures. How fun would that be?

Well, after a few back and forth conversations via email she sent me an invoice, I paid it and the scissors were shipped. I hadn't forgotten about them but knowing that sometimes shipping things overseas can take a while I wasn't expecting them to arrive so soon. So imagine my surprise when I opened my front door and saw the package lying there with today's mail. I became instantly excited. At first I wasn't sure who it was from but then saw the return label and was even more excited. The scissors are the cutest things I have ever seen and getting this package today brightened my day. 

And look, there is an orange sticker on the package, along with her adorable return label with two little hooting owls. Then to top it off, the scissors were not just wrapped in bubble wrap inside but she had lovingly gift wrapped them in a cute purple paper and affixed a label with her store information. It made it feel like I really did get a present. 

Check out her website: Sew Crafty Goodness. It is a darling site with all sorts of wonderful crafting supplies and ideas. I am also very impressed that the package arrived a mere week after it was shipped. Makes the world truly feel like a global village when I can place an order for something in Australia and it arrives a week later by mail in Sweden. 

Don't you love to get packages in the mail? Even if it is something that I ordered for myself ;-).

Kitty was very intrigued as well...

She thought it was a new toy just for her.....                
That black lump to the right of the photo above is her fat paw trying to drag them away.

Watch out kitty! Or I'll give you a whisker trim! (Just kidding)


  1. Cute...they look like the Eiffel Tower!

    1. :-) I meant to mention that in the post! That was what made me crazy for them!