Friday, August 10

Day 223: Eating Our Way Through Copenhagen

A beautiful day exploring the nooks and crannies of a new city is always high on my list of the more fun things to do in life. It seriously is one of my very favorite activities. I'd even call it my favorite hobby. Some people collect stamps as a hobby, I collect cities. I only wish I could collect them faster but money and time do not grow on trees.

This weekend we will be exploring the lovely Copenhagen, Denmark and, in fact, we've been here already most of today. We started out almost too early to call it morning yet, getting up at four thirty a.m. But the day has gone surprisingly smoothly considering the train car we ended up in with the one woman perfume factory and our loud neighbors.

We arrived just before lunch time and made our way easily and effortlessly to our hotel where, as luck would have it, a room was available for early check in and there where two bicycles left that we could rent. We were set to explore.

First on our list was a visit to the bike shop from which my husband ordered his cargo bike: Larry Vs. Harry. Yes, his bike was made here in Copenhagen and shipped to Stockholm. Their shop we discovered is unfortunately little more than a staging place for shipping bikes or bike pick up and there weren't any cool t-shirts or memorabilia to purchase but it was still cool none-the-less. Then it was off and running, or well... cycling.

We ended up pretty much eating our way through the day with a bit of walking, bicycling and tower climbing thrown in. Lunch was a tasty surprise at a restaurant called Kalaset. The guy at Larry Vs. Harry recommended it and it was on my list of places to try from the pre-travel research I conducted. Afterward we hit the indoor food market called Torvehallerne. We were beside ourselves with glee in this fantastical place. Food galore everywhere you looked. Gorgeous, delicious looking food calling and beckoning to us. I stuffed my face with a fish cake and then later we "shared" a rhubarb (there, I said it again!) pastry. I wrote "shared" in quotes because I nearly didn't get any of it. My husband becomes overtaken with food sometimes and it just goes straight into the pie hole and before you know it, the "shared" item is digesting in someone's stomach but not mine. That's okay, we're going back there tomorrow.

Dinner was at another cool place in the old meat packing district. It was a sort of an unlikely spot to find truly authentic Italian pizza and other specialties. Most of the staff spoke fluent Italian and we were quite impressed with their pizza, made with a sour dough crust.

So now I am taking myself and my stomach to bed. Tomorrow there will need to be more riding and walking if we intend to eat our way through the day again, which I'm sure we will.

Mother's pizza. Mmmmmm.

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