Sunday, August 19

Day 232: Weekend of Fun

Officially the fall equinox will occur on September twenty second this year. That leaves just over a month more of summer, officially. Though I know and sense in the air that our summer days are now numbered. The days have been lovely and warm but the evenings and even the mornings now have a brisk freshness in the air that alludes to the coming autumn. Being that autumn is my favorite season of the year, I am not terribly disappointed by this. And if we continue to have such lovely weekends as this one has been, I would venture to say that I'd be quite happy in fact.

The weather was nice this weekend. Warm with just the right amount of sunny and cloudy to keep me from melting into a puddle. We decided to try a new place for veggie burgers on Friday night and it turned out to be a great for sitting outdoors and people watching. The burgers weren't bad either. Saturday we went to a street fair to eat taco truck tacos. A few weeks ago we saw a taco truck sitting parked on the side of the road when we were on our way home from swimming at Långholmen. Later my husband looked them up online and found out that the taco truck would be parked on Saturday at a street fair not too far from us. Of course we headed down there. The tacos were actually not too bad and the people watching was even better.

Veggie burger at Garlic & Shots, with garlic dusted french fries...

El Taco Truck.

TACOS! Two bean, two chicken. Yum.

On Saturday evening the Midnatt Loppet, or Midnight Run, would be taking place on our street and festivities as well as fun runs for kids were already under way early on in the evening. We headed out at one point to see what was happening and while we were walking around and debating dinner we decided it would be fun to pack a picnic, hotdogs specifically, and go sit in the park to watch the runners. We packed up our dogs and some sliced fresh watermelon and headed back out with our picnic blanket. But there was a fall nip was in the air which forced us to pack up and head home shortly after we finished eating. Once the real race started we went back out with our folding chairs to sit and watch the runners go by. It is actually a lot of fun to watch. After the serious runners have passed the show starts. Runners dressed up as Batman, Aladin, Wonder Woman, hula dancers and we've even seen a guy dressed up with a boat as part of his costume. In a moment of excitement I said that I was going to run it next year. Gulp. Well, the good news is that it's actually not that far to run and I do have a year to train until the next one...

Super Woman, Batman, Cat Woman, Runners.

So anyway, Sunday comes along and the fun just continues. We headed out this afternoon to see an exhibit called Hemslöjden på Liljevalchs, which means Handicrafts at Liljevalchs. Liljevalchs is an art hall which hosts several wonderful art exhibits throughout the year and right now they are celebrating one hundred years of hemslöjd, or handicrafts. There is everything from carved wooden bowls and cabinets to embroidery to ceramics to metal working. The art on display was simply amazing and the inspiration was overwhelming. Can you actually be overwhelmed with inspiration? There were so many beautiful things to look at and ideas for future projects that caught my attention, I had to take photographs so that I would remember them all. It was a glorious weekend of fun and I almost feel ready to start the rat race tomorrow. Almost.

"Leaves" created by hundreds of Swedish artists and craftsmen.

Beautiful hand wrought iron candelabra.

And my personal favorite... three giant larger than live Tomte (Santas).

How did you find happy this weekend?


  1. Grace,
    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. I really envy your situation or your access to such a wonderful city and lifestyle. I guess I could find that here but it's really not close to what Sweden delivers.
    Anyway, have a great week and take care!


    1. I have to admit that Sweden, and Stockholm particularly, is a unique place in the world. We are very lucky and blessed to have the experiences that living here affords. There are always pros and cons to living wherever you happen to find yourself. ;-) (But you have the best Mexican food, hands down!)

  2. Hi Grace - you are truly blessed to be living in such an extraordinary part of the world - thank you for sharing your adventures. I've really enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. Hi Deb! Thank you so much! We really are blessed to live here. It has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life so far. Thanks too for stopping by to visit my blog and leave a comment! Come visit Stockholm!