Thursday, August 23

Day 236: Taking on Three Passengers

Today I saw a funny sight as I was heading to work. I passed by a man, or rather, a father who was standing at a corner with his three children waiting to cross the street. It wasn't funny that he was standing there with his three children or that his children were doing something funny but it was the manner in which he stood with his THREE children. One child was on his back, riding piggyback and with her own backpack as well, one was sitting on his shoulders and he was holding the third one was in front of him riding in a BabyBjörn pouch. In my book he gets the father of the year award. He also gets the award for making me chuckle the most today. And he wasn't even a particularly large man. In fact he was probably around five feet, ten inches tall and thin. I only wish I'd been able to capture a photo to share. There was a split second when I considered walking back and asking if I could take a photo but I figured the best picture was already in my head.

I figure all of them wanted a ride and he was just too nice to say no so he improvised a way to carry all three of them. Pretty clever if you ask me. It reminded me of a photo I took of my brother almost ten years ago when his three oldest boys were young. He was on his hands and knees on the floor and all three boys were riding on his back, like a horse. I even have a similar photo of one of my uncle's taking me and two of his other nieces for a ride on his back. I'm sure my own dad must have given me rides too but there is something special about taking on three passengers.

Even two is impressive! I took this photo when we were in Gotland in the spring of 2011. Imagine a third one riding on her shoulders!


  1. Nice---I used to carry my two girls and a laundry basket....does that count for humor's sake?!

    1. Yes that totally counts!!! :-D It would be great if you had a photo... that you could share?! :-) Regardless it makes me smile just to imagine it!