Monday, August 13

Day 226: Having Something To Look Forward To

After I come back from a vacation I like to try to hold on to that vacation feeling as long as possible. It's just so nice to go on a trip that it turns out to be everything I expected and then some. I didn't actually have a great deal of expectations about what we would find in Copenhagen, beyond looking forward to seeing how such a bicycle-friendly place functions and maybe having some new culinary experiences.  And yet, the city exceeded any expectations I could have had, aside from the fact that all of the good stores were closed on Sunday.

Copenhagen was an amazingly easy city to get around by bicycle and the plethora of cafes and restaurants all around was astounding. It certainly rivals Stockholm in that sense. So how can I maintain that relaxed and yet thrilling feeling of being on vacation in a new place, with no set times to follow beyond hunger pangs? Having something to look forward to always seems to help. We have another trip planned in the fall which I am really looking forward to, even though it seems a long way off right now.

In a couple of weeks we will be attending a friend's traditional Swedish crawfish party on one of the islands out in the archipelago. I am excited about having our first invite to an authentic Swedish crawfish party, but I am almost more excited to get out on one of the islands. I have been to a few of them and each one is lovely and unique in it's own way. At the beginning of the summer I had hoped to do some island hopping and kayaking this summer around Stockholm's archipelago. Well, summer isn't over yet so there may be some of that coming up before the leaves start to change color. And if it doesn't happen this summer I will have it to look forward to for next summer.

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