Sunday, August 5

Day 218: Heart Shaped Happiness

Sometimes millions of creative ideas multiple in my mind. Some are sent my way by way of something I see that inspires me, some come to me via various websites and blogs that I read or follow and others, often many others, arrive via Pinterest. While other times it feels like my head is a vacant space for rent and creative ideas are as far away as the Mohave desert. Luckily however there has been a wellspring of creative ideas and inspiration abounds. That is always good in my book, as I am a creative soul and I am at my best when creating. 

Earlier this week I came across something that caught my attention on Pinterest so I clicked on it to view its source. This then led to clicking through to one thing after another until I had seen so many different websites and blogs I don't even remember the original something that caught my interest. But the journey was fun and the destination led to today's project: Heart-patched elbows on a cute sweater. The original was cloth patches sew onto a t-shirt. Equally cute but I had another idea in mind.

I had actually seen heart elbow patches before on a Do It Yourself (DIY) site but that project was a much more difficult version where you actually make the felted hearts via needle felting and the hearts become fastened onto the sweater as you felt. So I took ideas from both of these, made up my own version and went shopping for a long-sleeved t-shirt. 

My shopping trip was very successful and yielded a long-sleeved striped t-shirt as well as a long-sleeved striped sweater. I already had a piece of felted wool at home that I bought last year with hopes for inspiration to make something fun. Little did I know that it would become these cute little heart-shaped elbow patches. The felted wool was a bit heavy for the t-shirt so I went with the sweater. 

It was a really fun Sunday afternoon project for both myself and my cat. She loves to "sew" and at one point was standing in my lap trying to get the thread and needle. When I was finished she laid down on it and started licking it so it also has the cat's seal of approval. Now I have a one of a kind sweater to make me smile in the coming fall and winter days.  

The beginning... Making hearts, measuring and placement...

Pinned on and ready to go!

But mom? What about this project? (Kitty, we'll finish that one on the next rainy day).

Ironing on with stitch witchery while watching some Olympics.

A tasty lunch and cappuccino after a swimming break at Långholmen beach.

Kitty had her own break... notice her back left foot propped up against the arm of the chair. Not spoiled at all.

I want to help!

No mom, the thread goes in my mouth!

All finished... Isn't it cute???

 It's much cuter with me sitting on it. Love, Kitty.


  1. I love it, Grace Ann! Sounds like a fantastic weekend for kitty, too!

    1. Thanks Becky! :-) It was a very nice weekend for all! Of course I am happy to say it is still too warm for my sweater but it will be ready to go come cooler weather.