Saturday, August 11

Day 224: Down Time

Most times when I'm traveling there is no down time. It's go, go, go all day long. I don't really mind it but when I find a bit of quiet down time that somehow gets nestled into the day I always look back on those moments as some of my favorites of the trip.

Today was another whirlwind of riding our bicycles here and eating there, and with lovely weather I might add. After we had a very pleasant morning of blueberry pancakes and a trip to the botanical garden, we began the the afternoon at Rosenberg castle with a quick lunch back at the amazing indoor market we discovered yesterday, which did not disappoint. We then decided to head down to a place called The Black Diamond. It is a beautifully designed modern building, made of black marble and glass, that houses the Royal library. It it situated on one of the many canals that run through the city and there is a really nice outdoor area with low, slung deck chairs where you can sit and have a coffee or just relax.

After seeing two incredible but very different photography exhibits in the Black Diamond's exhibit space we did just that. We sat our tired bones in a couple of those chairs and allowed ourselves to just melt into them. No coffee, no glass of wine or beer, just us, the chairs, the soft rustling sounds of the wind blowing by and the occasional roar of a motor boat down in the water. It was like drinking a tall glass of cold water for the soul. Afterward we were refreshed and ready to head into our next next adventure. Down time is not to be taken for granted from here forward.

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