Saturday, August 18

Day 231: Helicopter Kitty

A few years ago one of my nephews gave me the most wonderful assortment of Christmas presents. All selected by him I might add. One was a rubber ducky, that has since been sitting on the edge of the bathtub, another one was a miniature lego cowboy complete with a holster and guns, and then there were the helicopters with their own mini launching pad. One day when I was looking for something I came across the helicopters and thought it might be fun to play helicopter with kitty. Well, let's just say that it has become one of kitty's favorite games to play.

On the weekends that I remember I pull it out of it's hiding place and say, "Wanna play helicopter kitty?" Wherever she is she comes running and meowing and then sits patiently at the top of the stairs waiting for the first launch, watching me intently with her wide open yellow eyes. I launch the first one and watch it fly down the stairs. She takes off like a maniac after it and once she looks up at me and meows, I launch the second one. It is so much fun to watch and hear. If I wait too long to launch the next one she "yells" at me. She will even sometimes pick up one of the helicopters up in her mouth and run off with it, taking it to her secret shelter. She loves to chase them down the stairs, under the couch and pretty much anywhere they happen to land.

One of the helicopters actually has stickers on the sides with the face of it's passenger. The passenger just so happens to be a kitty cat, which I find rather amusing. I have no idea how she knows but it seems that my kitty is aware of this and I figure that is why she goes into a frenzy to capture the helicopter. She wants to save the kitty passenger on board. Naturally.

Waiting for the first launch...

Under the couch...

I'm coming to save you kitty passenger!


  1. How cute! We have one of those and love launching it... we also like to launch soft rockets in the house! kmc

    1. We may have to advance to soft rockets one of these days! :-)