Friday, July 6

Day 188: Whisker Kiss

Something was tickling my face this morning and, thinking it was one of my hairs being blown against my face by the fan, I merely brushed it away. I was in that half-sleep stage. You know, when you are vaguely away of your surroundings but still in the dream state too? It tickled again. I brushed my face off again, only this time I discovered that it wasn't my hair but someone's long, black whiskers that were tickling me. Kitty was sitting next to my head purring loudly, which I could hear even with earplugs in. Well, one earplug anyway. One of them had apparently fallen out during the night, as I discovered that I was holding it in my hand. I looked at the clock. Five fifteen a.m. Sigh.

Kitty was very affectionate and loving, and surprisingly well-behaved considering she was trying her best to get me out of bed and down to her food bowl. Her cuteness made it difficult for me to get angry. But it didn't really make it easier to get up either. Some mornings she lets us sleep in, actually sleeping in along with us. Though on other mornings she just cannot wait for our eyes to open on their own, so she comes in to assist.

This morning she used her whiskers to wake me up, which admittedly was more pleasant than her normal pouncing around with wadded up paper balls, or rattling the cords and wires behind my nightstand. The tickle of her whiskers was like a soft whisper or gentle nudge. I love her whiskers and it is always a happy surprise when I find one of them that she has shed somewhere around the apartment. I have even started collecting them, though I hear that is a strange thing to do. The way I figure it, whiskers are so important to kitties, it must mean good luck to find a stray, abandoned one. Just recently I taped one of these collected, stray whiskers to a card for our friends who recently visited. They had grown quite fond of her during their short stay and I thought they might like to have a special good luck whisker to remember her by.

There is nothing like the soft, gentle tickle of a kitty's whiskers when they come up to sniff your face or give you an eskimo kiss. It is almost like butterfly kisses, when you bat your eyelashes close to someones cheek so that they feel the soft brushing of eyelashes against their skin. Maybe it should have it's own name. It could be called a whisker kiss.

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