Tuesday, July 3

Day 185: Summer Time

I love summer. Today was so beautiful out I could barely stand to stay in the office and work. I went out at lunch time with a colleague to pick up something to eat (and mail the winner's Happy Package!) and it was so warm and nice out. The sky was a gorgeous, cobalt blue with swirls of wispy, white clouds here and there, and the air was so rich and warm with the feel of summer that I wanted to run as fast as I could to lake Malaren, jump in and go for a swim. But I did not have my swim suit with me and I figured it might be a bit strange to go in my birthday suit, so back to the office I went. Boring I know but I have to bring home at least some of the bacon.

Now we are trying to decide what to pick up for dinner on our way to Djurgården to see one of the many free outdoor summer performances offered by the city parks of Stockholm. I am super excited too because tonight's performance is by Mr. Tourette, or Pelle Sandstrak. Mr. Sandstrak suffers from Tourette's Syndrome and he gives a monologue performance on how he has learned to cope with his disease. I have heard so many wonderful things about his show so I'm greatly looking forward to it. Not too long ago we missed seeing him perform here in Stockholm because we were out of town so it's a special treat to get to see him now. And for free outdoors in a beautiful park doesn't hurt either.

Okay, back to dinner... We'll probably pick up salads from our favorite neighborhood haunt, For Friends Cafe. I plan to bring a root beer for myself and a beer for the man and, of course, no picnic is complete without a couple of secret chocolate surprises. Mmmmmmm.

So many fun, positive things about today. Summer time really is my favorite time of year. And this weekend? I am definitely going for a swim. Even if I become an ice cube in the process.

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