Wednesday, July 25

Day 207: Smiling With My Whole Body

Five days ago, on Day 201, I wrote about making and sending someone a postcard with a hole in it so that they could look at the sky through the hole. This postcard traveled across the world from Sweden to Texas in four days. That in itself is miraculous. My friend received the postcard yesterday and sent me photos that she'd taken, looking through the hole. Receiving these photos made me equally happy, maybe even more so, than sending the postcard to begin with.

The first thing she said in her message to me was, "I did it!" With a photo included. Shortly afterward I received another message that said, "I did it more than once actually." I was smiling with my whole body. How fun! I love when people are willing to play along and do something silly and fun. I think this was Yoko Ono's original intention as well. I think that she hoped that people would let go of their inhibitions and just embrace something as silly as cutting a hole out of a homemade postcard and mailing that postcard to a friend with instructions to look at the sky through that hole.

I like too that she asked her "pupils" to look at the sky through the hole and not the ground or somewhere else. There is something happy and positive about looking up and the sky always cheers me up. Even on a cloudy day. So a big thank you to my friend, K, for participating in my fun. I am really happy that the gesture was appreciated. Now it is my hope that all of you will also participate and make your own postcard with a hole in it and send it to a friend with instructions to look at the sky through the hole.

"I did it" photo

...And the photos that followed...

This one is quirky and fun with the silhouetted roof-top (?) items... 

They are all wonderful but I especially love the first one with the view of a neighboring house in the background.

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