Tuesday, July 10

Day 192: Baby Bird

Today has been a hazy day. I don't mean weather-wise but for me personally. I woke up several times during the night because I was hot, the cat was rambunctious, the alarm (annoyingly) went off and then my husband got up, making the bed bounce. Of course, it was morning and time to get up. I just wasn't ready after my sleepless night. Needless to say, I am dragging around today in a haze. And I have somehow managed to actually have a pretty good day, despite my hazy status. I tried a new cafe for lunch today and was very pleasantly surprised, especially since it is a mere five minute walk from my office. My skaldjurs paj (shrimp and crawfish quiche) was absolutely delicious and the side salad was fresh and yummy with candied walnuts on top. Then to top things off, my boss let me leave early today. Things were pretty slow at the office. It's summer and everyone is on vacation. Except me, my boss and our intern.

But the highlight of my day was something I happened to see on my way to work this morning. I'd just come out of the subway station and was almost to the last leg of my commute to work, my famous walk up the mörderbacke (murder hill), when I saw the cutest baby bird, though it wasn't exactly small like you'd expect a baby bird to be. There were several pigeons around it and this "baby" bird was as big as they were. He was so cute and fluffy with his speckled head and soft, downy feathers all sticking out. He was also very talkative. It seemed as though he may have been lost, looking for his mommy because he screamed nonstop. I tried to take a photo but by the time I fished my iPhone out of my handbag, he'd already wandered off, and at a pretty quick clip. Poor little guy.

I wondered what kind of bird he was as I continued on my way to work. He didn't look like a pigeon and there are several rather large birds here in Sweden so he could have been any one of them. But then when I was on my way to lunch I saw an adult seagull and just the way it was standing and holding it's head, I thought, "That baby bird had to have been a baby seagull!" Sure enough, I looked up photos of baby seagulls and that was indeed the kind of baby bird I had seen. Look at this cute little guy...

Baby seagull. 

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