Saturday, September 1

Day 245: Next Stop The Moon

It seems appropriate that the weather is rainy and yucky today with it being the first of September. And although I love September and all the wonderful fall things it entails, I am not loving this weather. I'd prefer a cool-ish but sunny late summer, early fall day with the wind blowing through my hair as I fly down the street on my bike. But as luck would have it I am saddled instead with this muggy rainy day. Which I have to admit isn't all bad as it turns out.

After a particularly rough start to our day we headed over to Östermalmshallen, one of the fantastic indoor markets in Stockholm, to have lunch at a restaurant called Lisa Elmqvist. I had never been there but one of my colleagues mentioned that she had lunch there with her sister-in-law visiting from the U.S. and when she mentioned that she had the avocado with shrimp my mouth started watering. My husband is a vegetarian but since we moved to Sweden he has started to eat shrimp on special occasions. So I suggested going there and he said, "Sure!" Amazingly we were seated right away in a perfectly cozy little corner. The avocado with shrimp was as delicious as I had hoped it would be and we had one of the most pleasant servers I've encountered in a long time. A lovely afternoon.

When we were on the subway earlier today I noticed an ad on the wall ahead of me featuring an article from The Economist. The article was displayed in English but it was too far away for me to read it. But it was the title that caught my eye. "Next Stop the Moon," it said. This simple phrase got me thinking about my life and how as a kid I was taught to reach for the moon with regard to my life's dreams. When we are young and looking ahead at life we feel we are invincible and the world is an open playground ahead of us just waiting to be explored and capitalized upon. Then we grow older and life happens and we forget about the moon and start aiming for Fridays instead. This title inspired me and made me want to reach for the moon (instead of Friday) and maybe take a chance with something new. I don't know what it will be exactly yet but I can say that my next stop will be the moon, or its vicinity at the very least.

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