Thursday, September 6

Day 250: Chanterelle Toast

I guess the closest I'm going to get to picking mushrooms this year is picking them out of the bin at the grocery store and putting them in a paper bag. But that's perfectly okay with me. Our last venture into the forest turned my husbands hiking shoes into flip flops, if you recall. Okay the forest didn't do it but it happened there and that is a strong memory to overcome. There was also snow still on the ground in patches and it might be that I'm afraid that it will still be there, which would explain why our "summer" has not really been a summer.

But let me ask you something. Have you ever eaten fresh chanterelle mushrooms that were delivered to the grocery store in baskets, fresh from the forest? That you then purchased and carried home? Cooked them down with a little butter and cream and then mixed in some Västerbotten cheese that you then slathered between two pieces of hearty bread? And finally grilled the bread on both sides and then shoved it into your face? Me neither but we are about to do just that. Tonight, in the here and now we are going to make our very own chanterelle toast.

It is possible that I may spontaneously combust from the deliciousness of this masterful concoction, though I cannot in all honesty claim as my own. You've probably heard my talk about the magical chanterelle toast at one of our local favorite coffee bars, Kaffe. I'm pretty sure I've posted photos of their loveliness and described their melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Well, the time has come to try perfecting our own version. Stay tuned. I'll be back shortly with a report...

Here I am, back with a report. For our first try it was actually quite excellent. With just a few tweaks I think it will be sheer perfection. It's a good thing that mushroom season will be around for a while now. Maybe I'll even get to take a basket out into the forest and pick my own.

Just look at that buttery, melty goodness... Yum O!

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