Wednesday, September 5

Day 249: Pain is Good

If I had a gizzard I am sure it would be burned to a crisp right now. The reason being some kick a-- salsa I just ate that is so spicy it would probably ignite dry twigs if you were trying to start a campfire. After all the times I've complained about not being able to find spicy salsa in Stockholm, the day has finally come for me to eat those words. And I owe it to a store called Extreme Foods. What it should be called however is Extremely HOT Burn Your Gizzard Out Foods. We ventured over there not too long ago to see what they had and we found a salsa called "Pain is Good." Of course we had to try it. Well, let me just say that the last time I had anything that spicy I was in Texas and I was eating a fried stuffed jalapeño, dipped in ranch dressing. The ranch dressing isn't so much a Tex Mex ingredient but if you tasted how spicy they were you'd be drinking the ranch, I promise. After eating this Pain is Good stuff, I was wishing I had some ranch dressing. That or a gallon of ice cream to help with the after burn, if you know what I mean. This salsa is definitely "come on ice cream" hot.

I don't know if that much pain is actually good. But I don't want this to sound like I am complaining. It's quite the opposite. Gizzard burning salsa is definitely good and something that I would recommend to anyone searching for some true Mexican burn. But it must be taken in small, minute amounts so as to spread the joy, and avoid burning your gizzard out. The label on the jar shows a guy with his eyes squeezed shut and his mouth gaping wide open as he yells in pain. And this is exactly what you want to do after tasting it.

Unfortunately it still does not replace our beloved Arriba salsa, or a new favorite Native Texan but it gives us a buffer until we get our next fix. If you live in the US, especially Texas, I strongly suggest that you run, not walk, to your nearest grocery store or Central Market to pick up a jar of each or one of these and eat it in my honor immediately. If you send me photos of you eating it you might even get a prize.

And if you happen to pick up an extra jar and you want my address... I'm just sayin'... Seriously though, eat something spicy today and spread the love. Pain IS good and especially if it is the gizzard burning love pain of salsa.

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