Tuesday, September 18

Day 262: The Perfect Gift Idea

Something that really makes me happy is discovering great ideas for presents to give my family and friends. I love coming across that perfect something or an idea that inspires me and fills me with creative energy, whether it is something to make by hand or a fun store bought item, fabulous gift ideas are some of the things I love to collect. And I really do collect them. It is almost a hobby of mine. I am always on the look out for the perfect gift idea and I absolutely love the giddy feeling I get when I give these gifts away.

I get so excited that sometimes I nearly spill the beans and tell the person what it is. I did that when I was a little girl but it wasn't because I was excited about the gift being THE perfect gift, at that time in my young life it was more just the sheer excitement that bubbled up and out of me. Out of my mouth, specifically. One time I went shopping with my dad and my brother to buy birthday presents for my mom. After a very successful shopping trip we returned home and she asked me what we bought. I proceeded to tell her every single thing, all the way down to her Channel no. 5 and her orange-handled scissors, before I even knew what I had done. Suffice it to say that I was no longer trusted to keep birthday gift secrets after that. My mom got no surprises that year. Well, on her actual birthday anyway.

What can I say?? I was overflowing with joy and excitement and I wanted to share it. I still get that same feeling even though I am all grown up, but now I know how to control the urge to splurge and I hold my tongue. It can still be difficult however and especially if I feel that the gift is the absolute most perfect gift ever and that they will love it beyond life itself. Okay, maybe not beyond life itself but you get the picture. When I just know the person is going to love the present I cannot wait to see their face when they open it.

A birthday present decorated with photos. 
Each one is of either a very silly occurrence or is associated with a fond memory. 

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