Sunday, September 23

Day 267: A Bit of Sun Shining on Our Faces

This past Friday I found myself happy for the weekend and raring to go but slightly bummed that the weather man predicted rain for the entire weekend. I am someone who needs sunshine and blue skies for at the very least part of the weekend, preferably the entire weekend, if I am going to recharge and be ready to face Monday. I know some of you out there love the rain and relish a cozy day indoors or an adventurous day outside, stepping brazenly through the pouring rain with your galoshes, raincoat and umbrella. Not me. It isn't that I don't go out when it is raining, I just don't relish it. Now I can appreciate a cozy day indoors but I like having the option of a sunny blue sky on the other side of the front door should I want to be out there bathing in it.

Yesterday I awoke fully expecting it to rain cats and dogs the entire day but I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped out to run errands, on more than one occasion, to find teeny tiny patches of blue sky intermingled with the dark ominous drizzly clouds. So that was plus number one. When I got out of bed today and looked out the window I saw a grey and somewhat damp day ahead of me and by the time I made it down stairs to the kitchen to make coffee, the dampness outside had become full-fledged rain. Hmmm. I just ignored it and went about my business, hoping for a lucky break in the afternoon so that we could go out for a bike ride.

A couple of hours later there were large patches of blue sky and intermittent streams of sunshine breaking through. My lucky day! We rushed to get cleaned up and dressed so that we could head out on our bikes but somehow a couple of hours ticked by. I remember on one of my last trips up the stairs thinking that if we kept putzing around we were going to miss out on what might possibly be the only chance of sunshine today. My shoulders slumped a bit at the thought. Somehow however, we managed to make it out on our bikes with not even a drop of rain falling. Plus number two. Twice we went out on our bicycles, and we even managed to get a bit of sun shining on our faces. So the weekend wasn't completely lost to the rain gods.

I personally think it was all of the dancing I did last night to the song and music video, "Gangnam Style". Apparently I am behind the times but this song by Korean pop artist, Psy, went viral around the world a couple of months ago. I have listened to the song and watched the video so many times that I now know the entire dance section. Maybe I shouldn't be sharing this but I can't help it. I love this song! Click on the words "Gangnam Style" in orange above to watch the YouTube video. You just might find yourself doing the horse riding dance too!

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