Monday, September 24

Day 268: Banana Bread Monday

Mondays are hard. I never want to get out of bed on Monday morning and face the start of the week. And sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday is just not the same as sleeping in on Monday. This morning I was sleeping like a rock. The cat had crawled under the sheets and was lying all warm and nice next to me, purring and in general being cuddly and nice. How could I possibly get out of bed? But then the alarm went off and kitty being a good and obedient girl, hopped right up and was ready to go downstairs for "coffee" (wet cat food).

I on the other hand was not ready to go down for coffee. I wanted to sleep and it felt like I could sleep forever. Our bed felt the most comfortable it has ever felt and my eyelids just would not open. Monday shmunday. So to make it right, Mondays deserve something happy and joyful and even delicious. Right? Right. That is precisely why I baked banana bread last night. Of course we got to enjoy some of it freshly baked and warm right out of the oven but the best part of banana bread on Sunday is that you get to eat banana bread for breakfast on Monday too.

In my recent months of trying to salvage the bananas that didn't make it into the gullet before they got too many brown (read: black) spots, I have learned something very important about my husband. He loves banana bread. And I don't just mean loves it, he LOVES it. Every single time I have announced that banana bread will be made, he suddenly gets a twinkle in his eye and says "Yay!" I love banana bread too. And it always feels good to recycle them into something yummy.

Well, last night I learned yet another bit of information about my husband. He said that when he lived in Dallas he used to buy a half loaf of banana bread from one of our favorite grocery stores there, and quite often. In all of the seven years we have known one another this love of banana bread has never once been uttered. I don't even remember him ever buying it or eating it after we met. Now he could "just bathe in it." His own words last night as we gobbled down a shared second piece.

It makes me immensely happy that homemade banana bread makes him so happy. It is super easy to make and it really brightens up Monday mornings. Heck, it brightens up Tuesday and Wednesday mornings too. It doesn't last longer than that so I don't know if it would brighten up Thursday mornings but I suspect it would. I don't think I will be making it for every Monday but a couple of times a month is completely doable. And there is always pumpkin bread to round out the month. Oh, did I say pumpkin?

Ps. I didn't get a photo of the banana bread this time but it was beautifully studded with walnut halves. You'll just have to take my word for it. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

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