Friday, September 21

Day 265: One-Legged Stance

Do you remember my mentioning the manhole cover game on day 150 that my husband played as a kid? And how the brunnslock, or manhole covers, with an "A" were bad and should be avoided but the ones with a "K" were good luck? AND that there happens to be one with a "K" on it right outside my office building? I pass it nearly every day and I always make it a point to step on it with both feet. Some days I even pause for several seconds with both feet firmly planted on either side of the "K", hoping to absorb some of the good luck and some days I find that I need to jump up and down on it and practically lay across it in order to get out of a funk. But some days I only need half of a boost and a one legged stance works great.

On this particular day I also had on my happy pinkish orange pants, so it is hard to imagine why I felt that I needed a half boost, but there I was with my foot on the brunnslock, waiting patiently for the positive energy to channel up my leg. It must have worked because I skipped away with a bounce in my step and a smile on my insides. Smiling from the inside out is such a nice feeling, don't you think? It changes the way I walk, the way I think and the way I perceive the world around me. Everything is fresh and bright and happy. Sometimes I think that having that feeling all the time would be sheer bliss but in reality we need the not so smiley days to balance us out.

So next time you are feeling not so smiley, pick up a leg and do the one-legged stance and I dare you not to smile on the inside... or the outside. Happy Friday!

The Brunnslock one-legged stance.

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