Wednesday, September 12

Day 256: Enchiladas

Fake beef and cheese enchiladas, smothered in tomatillo sauce, with spicy black beans and Spanish rice on the side. I was looking through the pantry the other day... But first I have to ask, do you ever accidentally find something in your pantry that you forgot was in there and coming across it puts a happy dance in your feet? For me it usually happens with a brownie mix or Williams Sonoma pumpkin pancake mix but this time it was a simple box of Spanish rice mix. I must have brought it back with me from Texas last year and somehow hid it from myself, in plain sight. I'll just blame it on my being short since it was on a top shelf that I rarely access, because I'm short.

I had been planning to make enchiladas this week so finding the Spanish rice as an accompaniment was a surprise bonus. I mean, enchiladas are always great, don't get me wrong. A la carte with a side salad and avocado is perfectly fine, or even with just a side of doctored up black beans. But enchiladas with beans AND Spanish rice? It is simply a Mexican feast heaven, especially on a Wednesday night. I miss getting my Tex Mex fix but this is the closest thing to it here in Sweden. So at this point it might be appropriate to send out a big thank you to all of our friends and family who have helped make Tex Mex in Stockholm a possibility. You know who you are... those cans of Hatch green chili enchilada sauce, diced green chilis and jars of the best salsa in the world have helped us survive this cold, Mexican food-less place. Here's sending you a huge thank you from the bottom of our enchilada loving hearts!

Insert: Yum.
In case you couldn't tell, enchiladas are my happy today. 

By the way, here's a great tip for preserving the freshness of your avocados. 
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  1. YUM! I am totally drooling while reading this! - Elizabeth G.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! It's super easy to make. If you want the instructions just let me know! You can get canned green chili enchilada sauce just about anywhere in the US. :-D Thanks for your comment! We miss you!