Thursday, January 2

The [True] Source

"Find the true source of happiness." 

The true source of happiness. What would that be? I'm sure the answer is different for different people. And each person probably has a different answer at different times, depending on the situation or season of the year. For example, in the summer time, an ice cream cone is sheer joy. In the spring, the cherry blossoms finally in bloom. In the fall, well anything pumpkin works for me. And in the winter, it could be a number of things from getting some sunshine, to the cozy, candle-lit evenings, to holiday cheer, to the first snow. 

Ultimately, these are just things. If they were all take away, what would that leave us with? The simple choice to just be happy. For no apparent reason. Well, tell that to my grumpy side! The simplest thing is not always the easiest. Therefore I think having a list of the things that make us happy is a good idea. We can look at it any time of day for a mood lift. Or maybe it is a photograph or a trinket that reminds you of a happy memory. 

Regardless, I think it is good to be prepared. So here is my list of happy today:

1. A hug from my husband. 
2. Head butts from my cat. 
3. Dark chocolate covered almonds with turbinado sugar and sea salt (soooooo good!!!). 
4. Internet telephone so I can call my family & friends back home for free! (Minus the yearly fee, which is minimal)
5. Pinterest

I know that last one might seem lame and some of you may not be familiar with Pinterest but let me tell you, it is a pack rat's dream come true. You can collect as many things as you want, recipes, craft ideas, wish lists, recipes, clothing ideas, etc. and it is all electronic and takes up about as much space as, well, your computer (or smart phone, or pad). Pretty awesome, right?

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts. What is your [true] source of happiness?


  1. I love head butts too! Funny how one person's happy is another's nightmare! Pinterest stresses me out :-o i love biking in the winter dark here and!! tennis lessons and reading the end of the goldfinch!
    Great post!

    1. Stacy that is too funny about Pinterest. :-) I also love biking in the winter but I have been chicken lately of the dark. Not sure why. Now I am really curious about The Goldfinch! Happy day and thanks for your comment!

  2. Grace Ann,
    What a great post and thoughtful expression of the things that matter. I am happy to see you blogging again and look forward to reading them!
    I have a few things that matter to me:
    My morning cup of coffee
    Abby's heavy sigs of contentment and face when she sees me after a week away
    The prospect of love again and being loved
    My wonderful tiny circle of friends

    1. Oh my gosh! I may have to revise my daily list to always include morning coffee. I too look forward to that morning cup, every single day. Love your list - thank you for sharing it ;-).

  3. Great post Grace Ann. Happy = BIKE

    1. Thanks Nikki! I whole-heartedly agree... Happy = BIKE for sure! :-D