Wednesday, January 22

Sunshiny Days

Sunshiny days make me happy. They just do. When I was in my early twenties, I moved to Los Angeles, California to dance professionally. One of the things about that time in my life that I remember most were the beautiful clear blue skies that seemed to haunt the days year round. I say "haunt" but a better term might be "grace," as these sunny days were a thing of beauty, a wonderful gift, that I appreciated every moment. 

My soul has a direct connection with the sun. I seriously never once missed the rain or wished for rain during my Cali days. Perhaps it was a result of my upbringing in southeast Texas, where a thunder storm could appear out of nowhere in a matter of minutes and humidity often hovered around 100%. The air in that part of Texas can be likened to soup. I kid you not. Just like the desert of the 1930's was called the dust bowl, southeast Texas could easily be called a soup bowl. So imagine the daily delight I experienced living in what felt like paradise by comparison. Sunshine, blue skies, and warmth. 

That last bit about warmth is an important detail to note just now because yesterday in Stockholm, the sky reminded me of those lovely, year-round warm LA days. Only I was wearing an insulated coat, a wool hat, and my touchscreen gloves, so I could take this lovely photo on my iPhone without taking them off, of course. Yes, there was sunshine and a gorgeous blue sky but the warmth part was missing, sadly.

My memory of those sunny, southern California days coupled with the sunny blue sky in Stockholm yesterday, gave me just the boost of warm glow and vitamin D that I needed. Especially after several days of overcast, cold gray days. Just the other day at work one of my (Swedish) colleagues said, "Spring is just around the corner."  At the time I thought she was crazy. I mean, here we are, finally getting snow and moving full force into the two coldest months of Swedish winter and she's already talking about spring. I get it however. Because having that glimmer of warm, sunny times on the [far] horizon helps get us through these bitterly cold days. 

Ps. Dear spring,

If you want to come early this year, that would be okay with me. As long as it's after February 22nd. That's the day I have to ski 30 kilometers on my spaghetti skis. Gulp. 

Yours truly,
Grace Ann

(Lover of warmth & sunshine)  

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