Tuesday, September 4

Day 248: Meow? Hello, I'm Pina

Meow? Hello, I'm Pina. I'm the kitty so often referred to in my mama's posts. Speaking of my mama, she isn't feeling so hot today so I thought I would guest blog for her so she could take a break. I really like her blog and I think the idea behind it is effective most of the time. Most days I help her write and assist with the photo shoots. I think maybe you've seen images of my svelte figure and silky fur on occasion? So as her guest blogger I thought I would explore how I find happiness or positivity. For me sleeping all day is definitely high on the list. I can snooze any time anywhere and I really like to stretch out on my back and expose my belly. Sometimes if I make myself look really cute I get scratched and rubbed on my belly while they make endearing sounds. It's pretty cute. 

I also like to chase the occasional bug that makes its way into my apartment and I LOVE to sit in the various windows looking down into the inner garden or out on the street. Windows are my favorite. The inner garden is especially nice now that they have finished making all of those annoying loud noises that shake the building. I thought that would never end and then one day it was like heaven. No sounds at all. Before they left they also put in some of those cool green things that blow in the breezes. I think they are called plants or trees but I am not sure. I really like those, even though they tend to drive me mad with desire to attack them. The window looking out into the street is pretty cool too and lately I have made friends with this fat bird that likes hanging out right outside the window on the ledge. I would really like to taste, er, hang out with her more but I haven't been able to figure out how to get through the glass and she flies away too quickly anyway. Which is weird because she doesn't look like she could move that fast. Oh well.

But one of my absolute favorite things is when my mom and dad are both at home and we all hang out together in the living room. I lie in my own personal beanbag chair and they share the couch. Sometimes they sneak down onto the floor to kiss me and pet me in the middle of their shows on TV and they always make these silly goo goo eyes at me. I think it's sweet but they really need to chill out. I mean, I'm just sleeping but they seem to think I have created an artistic masterpiece. Just lying there. It's okay though. I get it. And as long as we are all happy, and I am pretty sure that we are, then I am happy too.

Me and my new friend.

Me at the summer house. I loved that place. I can't wait to go back!

 My grandpa made this chair and I really love it. I am sleeping pretty hard here. But don't be deceived, that is not a frown. I am actually very happy in the photo.


  1. haha this is too funny! Love the cat-post! xx Simone

    1. Thanks Simone! I hope I get to meet you soon! Love, Pina