Monday, September 17

Day 261: Kitty Slumber Party

I don't know why it makes us so happy when our kitty sleeps with us but it does. She doesn't sleep with us the whole night however, she "sneaks" into bed during the wee hours of the morning, usually kneading dough as she creeps over us. I'm not even sure when she starts her early morning dance ritual but at some point she wakes me up with violent head butts and purring that sounds like the engine of an eighteen-wheeler. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but at that early hour and being woken up out of a sound sleep it seems that loud. But I don't mind it. Honestly. She is so cute and cuddly at that time of the morning and then lately she kneads dough for a shorter period of time before settling in to sleep between us.

My husband woke up this morning and said he wasn't sure if it was my knee or the cat that was stabbing him in the back but since he thought it was the cat he let it slide. Ah... the things we allow our pets to get away with. Just a few hours earlier and you might hear my husband grunting irritated at my slightest movement but kitty can come walk all over us, meowing, purring and kneading dough and he just lets it go. We both just let it go and enjoy the fact that she wants to be close to us.

When kitty first came to live with us we had to discipline her a little bit to let her know what was and was not acceptable. Things like drinking out of our water glasses, jumping onto the dining table or climbing the shelves in the living room. She did not like to be disciplined and would go lie under our red metal cabinet in the living room and sulk. She would stay there the entire evening. A grudge holder. So coming from her grudge-holding days to "sneaking" into bed in the early morning hours to knead dough on us as we "sleep" and then settling in to sleep a couple of hours with us is perfectly acceptable. It's like having a kitty slumber party and we like it.

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