Saturday, September 29

Day 273: A Little Love Note

Several years ago my husband (boyfriend at the time) was traveling quite a bit for work. He was flying internationally once a month for nearly a year straight. Not only does that kind of traveling get tiresome, but it can be lonesome too. I used to sneak little love notes into his travel bags to brighten his days on the road. Sometimes I would put the note in a pocket of one of his shirts or the back pocket of a pair of his pants or sometimes I would put it in his passport case with his passport and other travel documents. Most of the time he would find them and send me a smiley message to let me know they had been found, but on occasion he wouldn't find his love note during the trip and would come across it later. Either way, I hope they brightened his day just a little bit.

I think it's nice to know that someone is thinking about you and sending a little love with you on your way. I have read articles about moms who sneak little notes into their kid's lunch boxes, which I think is a very sweet idea as well. But something that really caught my attention was a story of a woman who upon hearing some great news while sitting alone at a cafe, decided to write a little "love note" to leave behind for someone to find after she left. I love this idea. It is like the love notes that I leave for my husband, only extending the love a little further out into the world.

My husband hasn't traveled as much for work lately but I was feeling the urge to give him a love note the other day so I wrote him a card telling him twenty random things that I love about him and hid it under his pillow. He found it after we had already turned the lights out so he turned his bedside lamp on to see what it was. It was fun to lie next to him as he read all of the little messages of love I had written to him.

Love notes are special. They make people smile deep on the inside as well as the outside. If you haven't written a love note lately, I highly recommend it. It doesn't even have to be to a significant other. It could be an email to a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time or a handwritten letter to one of your parents, grandparents or another family member. Everyone loves a little love note. Go send one today! The fun part is that they make the giver just as happy as the receiver.

A little love note sometimes goes a long way.

Ps. Tomorrow is the big day! A Random Happy Giveaway prize will be awarded to a random person who comments on my blog post tomorrow! Stick around... it's going to be fun!

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