Sunday, September 9

Day 253: When the City Sleeps

The alarm went off at five twenty-five a.m. this morning and I'm not sure why or how but I popped right up and turned my bedside lamp on. I am not really a morning person. Just ask my husband or my Mom. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I wasn't sound asleep. Because just maybe I was still partially awake from our four a.m. wake up call from our late partying neighbors and our cat who was making a ruckus all over the house with her fake mouse. She gives the term nocturnal creature a new meaning. I am sure that all of the cats I have had were also nocturnal but she is a regular night owl and puts them to shame with her late night, or early morning, shenanigans. But anyway, there I was sitting up in bed wondering why on earth we signed ourselves up for a bike rally that started at six thirty a.m. on a Sunday. My husband had the beginnings of a cold yesterday and so I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this. "Yes!" was his short reply and we both jumped up and started the getting ready process.

Just a short thirty minutes later we were on our bikes and turning out of the garage onto the street outside. As soon as we started heading down Hornsgatan, our street, I saw the beautiful clear blue sky in the distance and felt the quiet calm that had settled over the city during the night. That moment right there confirmed our decision to get up at the crack of dawn and get into our bike gear. The water around the city was smooth as glass and all of the beautiful historic buildings stood stoic watching over us as we rode by. What a gorgeous morning!

It was also fun to see a handful of other cyclists speeding their way from different areas of the city to reach the starting line. Shortly after our arrival and a quick toilet stop we were on our way. We rode through the lush parks that whispered hints of fall, through still sleeping city streets, up and down hilly wooded trails along the water, across bridges right next to train tracks as well as through quaint neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. It was peaceful and exhilarating and exhausting but we finished strong in just over two hours, including one potty break. This will definitely be a yearly event we participate in each year. Maybe you'll come out and join us next time?

At the finnish.... enjoying some orange mango juice while waiting in line for a latte. Yes, they served lattes or cappuccinos to all of us who rode. Sweet!


  1. Sounds fun! I shall take my bike from the basement for the next year ride! And the lattes and cappuccinos... YUM! xx Si

  2. Yes definitely Simone! We can train together next summer! :-) xoxo!