Friday, September 7

Day 251: Movie Night and Watch Repair

It's movie night tonight! But not just any old movie night, it's "going out to the movies" night. Plus dinner. Now it may be that dinner isn't awesome due to the theater location but it's dinner and a movie regardless. Sometimes those questionable dinners can be surprisingly good. And anyway the joy and thrill of walking into the dark theater and sitting in anticipation of the big screen entertainment cancels out any negative food experience, right? Depending on whether dinner turns out to be good or not, my movie experience may even include popcorn and/or candy.

It's crazy how excited I get about going to the movies. I have hardly been able to sit still at work and the  hours are dragging by as if they. Though as a side note I have to share my lunch time happy with you. Yesterday I sadly discovered that my favorite watch had stopped. So I picked up my second favorite only to discover that it too was out of juice. Time to find a watch repair shop in Sweden. When we lived in Texas, nearly every time I announced that I was going to the mall my husband asked me to bring one or two of his watches that needed a battery change. It got to where I hated even mentioning the mall because I really did not like going to the watch shop.

Fast Forward, it was called, always took an hour or more to change the battery and one time one of his watches required three batteries. It was this special outdoorsy watch for sports and it cost nearly fifty dollars to get it up and running again. In addition the shop was also located in an odd spot and if I wasn't planning to go to Macy's, which I seldom was, I had to make a special trip there. Twice. Once to drop them off and once to pick them up. So today when I walked in to this small mom and pop watch shop, the guy immediately took my watch, opened it up and changed the battery right there on the spot. He even gave me a free replacement stem because the stem broke when he opened the band to get inside the watch and everything cost the equivalent of twelve US dollars.

I mentioned to him that it usually took longer in the US and he said that it is his policy to provide excellent and quick service to his customers. He is a keeper. I informed him that I would be back next week with another watch. I was completely impressed. I walked out of there and made it back to the office with half of my forty-five minute lunch break left to enjoy. Now I have a pleasant experience with having watch batteries changed. Anyone need a new watch battery? Just don't tell my husband, I am pretty sure that nearly all of his watches are out of battery.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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