Saturday, September 22

Day 266: A Handmade Party Hat

Party hats are so festive I think. I decided to try making one today and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. It isn't perfect but that makes it more charming. Right? I began making it with the intention of sending it to one of our nephews for his birthday but then my husband reminded me that he is in police school and it might be a bit odd for him to get a party hat. I didn't think so myself but I decided to revamp it anyway for the next persons birthday on the list. As you can see, it is more feminine and obviously for a woman. But who it is for will have to remain a secret for now. 

I made it with the thick paper that made up the inside of a roll of wrapping paper. It wasn't a tube like you usually find inside wrapping paper in the US, it was just a card stock type of thicker brown paper rolled up. It was the perfect weight for my hat project. I used some pre-cut circle stickers in fun colors to decorate it and fastened a pretty yellow paper flower, also pre-made, to the front. Finally I tacked a piece of white ribbon around the bottom for trim and topped it with a clump of the same ribbon, curled with scissors and then shredded with this nifty tool I picked up here in Sweden. All of the stores use them for wrapping gifts. It basically cuts the curled ribbon into several microstrips. I love how it makes the curled ribbons look. Don't you? 

I think I have mentioned how much I enjoy creative projects. Well, one of my book club friends also loves to craft and she suggested that we start a crafting group not too long ago. So we did it, or well, she did it. It is called, "We can craft that." I love the name. For now our plan is to get together maybe once a month one evening and bring our individual projects to work on together while we chat and drink wine. I have a list in my head of projects I want to work on. One of them I have mentioned before, that is an unfinished monkey on my back, is the scrapbook I am making of my first trip to Europe. I am determined to finish it before Christmas. Or at the very least, before the New Year. Wish me luck. 

My other projects will also have to remain secrets until they are completed and given away, as they will be gifts. But I have to say I am pretty excited about them and I really want to tell you what they are. I'll give a few hints, one is something to wear and one is something to use when traveling. 


 Oh, and by the way, I am now officially one week away from my next Giveaway! This one is to celebrate that I am three quarters of the way to my year's goal of Finding Happy in 365 Days. One of my friends pointed out just yesterday, on day 265, that I am 100 days away from my goal! That acknowledgment alone made me feel tremendously happy. 100 days left really seems like I am on the downhill slide now. This friend also asked what I plan to do next. A very exciting question that I have already begun to ponder. Stay tuned for an update! And don't forget to check back in a week to participate in my most exciting Giveaway yet!

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